The romance of a middle-aged woman


    Love story.

    “Madam, would you like another cup of hot coffee?” These were the words of his servant. Seeing her desperately told her to live when it was dark outside. It will rain a lot. A storm in her made her feel like this.

    Beulah sat for hours looking out the window, probably lost in her past life, trying to fix things that had changed her life. Twelve years have passed. She was the most successful and dynamic doctor in her medical school, and a group of trainees practiced with her. Joe being a southern gentleman had a happy nature and a pleasant personality. He was a charming person, well-dressed, and respectful to everyone during his internship. This created anxiety and respect among the doctors and other interns. Patients have often had the magical effect of their light and joyful nature. Her physical appearance was incredible.

    Beulah was most fascinated by his demeanor and gentleness. This feeling got stronger day by day. He often visited Joe instead. He found his relationship with his mother very special. He respected and obeyed his mother. It was a very truthful and lovely relationship between Joe and his mother. The same respect, and love he also felt for his wife. It was magnetized by its southern softness. One fine weekend, Beulah decided to call him home for dinner together, and he had a candle lined up on the table and two, chairs next to him. Well-dressed in a red ball gown and decorated orchids throughout the room. An elegant dinner prepared by you. His maid left in the early afternoon. Meanwhile, Joe had made several plans with his wife. It was something I did not expect. Were you impatiently waiting for Joe to go see the doctor the next morning to find out why he refused his dinner plan? But Joe was busy caring for his patients, he didn’t ‘t want to wait and explain.

    One weekend, he left a message that he was going on vacation. Beulah would have surprised him this weekend, but again, she was not accompanied. What was the reason for his negligence? Joe lived with his mother, and his lover often visited him instead. Beulah, “Meet my mother and my love, Maria.” Mary was quite shy and had more faith in God. Joe often visited him in church every Sunday.

    Beulah never climbed the stairs of the church. He would rather spend more time caring for his patients. So, he never had time to think about his spouse. He lived with his grandmother, who was still after his marriage.

    Marry Beulah, before leaving this world. I would like to see you in a wedding dress. But Beulah would always ignore saying that she couldn’t find her perfect match. But Joe’s personality had quickened his heart. She was fascinated by her appearance. Beulah was very stubborn by nature, and never heard “no” He got everything he wanted from the shots. Something was bothering his mind. I wanted to draw your attention. He could do whatever he wanted.

    Beulah had the courage to approach him and even to become physical, in his spare time, she tried to approach him, to reach his arms, and kiss him. But oh! He was supervised by him. Numerous attempts made it collapse.

    Days passed, Beulah saw only Joe working, he was more concentrated on his work, and his mother, since he had lost his father when he was five years old. He was more focused on his career. His hard work and commitment to his patient have given him enormous success. He became a successful doctor in the city. It was a turning point in his career. Mary’s support and love for her main strength.

    Beulah was overwhelmed by all the failures and ignorance that she had accomplished during her romantic journey. Joe was going too far from her. Going up the stairs, he was happier and happier with his work, and his love. Beulah knew that the age difference between them was the main fact of Joe’s repulsion. His senses have always made him aware of this fact. This adult attracted her every time he tried to convey her feelings to her. He had seen more sun and sunsets than he had. It was the unusual feeling that came to my mind.

    It was on this day that Joe kept a letter which was the transfer letter. He was very excited and ran to Beulah’s cabin to tell him about the letter. Of course, he was at the top of the world. I never dreamed of it. Now he was ready to walk in the new world. It was time to part with this medical school. Joe flew to the other city with his mother and his love after a great marriage with her (Mary).

    Beulah suddenly wakes up from sleep and looks in her room to see the clock at 1:00 a.m. She was lost in her past life. But he then realized that almost twelve years had passed. The phone by his bed rang loudly. Who is now at midnight? He complained to himself. “She’s an emergency woman, she should be there immediately.” He was a serious patient who needed immediate treatment. Suffering from a serious illness, a patient is in the intensive care room.

    Beulah runs to the hospital. It is a forty-five-minute drive from his home to the hospital. A middle-aged man lying unconscious in bed is in intensive care. With messy hair and a beard on his face. Receive all reports from the nurse. The treatment begins and little by little he realizes there is something familiar to the patient. The recognized face speaks of something linked to its past. Take the report and read the patient’s name. It is Joe who is surprised and at the same time happy to see him after a long time.

    It was time to heal him and put him back in good health. It was like going back to the past. Little by little, she knew everything that had happened to her. Some of his words revealed that he lost his mother immediately after his last game. Somewhere, his wife’s illness was the main drawback of her poor career.

    But now the good old days are back. Beulah again managed to feel a sense of attachment for him. Now Joe could see his inner feeling.

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