Why is a woman important in a man’s life?


    Have you ever doubted how the presence of a woman can positively influence the life of a man? A woman is a reflection of a man, but it is important to a man in many ways. This article shows how. Keep reading to find out.

    Before entering these forms, I would like to share a brief anecdote with you. Once, they asked a millionaire how he did it. He just said: Forget all the hot girls out there. Focus on one woman. This will help you achieve everything.

    Now, here are all the ways in which a woman becomes a vital person for a man:

    First, women are not wise to pretend that they are equal to men. In fact, they are far superior, and always have been. Everything a man gives to a woman will increase.

    1) Give it home:

    it will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. In fact, it will give you a comfortable home. It will keep it flawless, flawless, and extended. Man will always be happy to return to a comfortable house.

    2) Deliver your sperm:

    You will bear all the torments, and the burden of carrying a baby in your belly for nine months, then a baby will be born that the man will love and adore.

    3) Give her the groceries:

    she will cut all the vegetables and other necessary items, and do her best to prepare a delicious meal. Wouldn’t the man is to be grateful to have a spouse who is happy to cook for him if he just bought his groceries?

    4) Give her a smile:

    he will warm her and make her heart melt, and she will gladly give her heart. It will also give you all your ears and make you happy.

    As you can see, what is given is multiplied and developed.

    So be careful, if you give him some shit, don’t be surprised to have a lot of blah blah blah!

    Also, if you allow her to work in a job she likes, she will enthusiastically bring in the extra money to manage the family.

    Either way, it’s a benefit to you. So remember to treat her well and tell her good words, and be thankful to the Almighty God for having such a great wife.

    All spouses are special. This is the end result. Men must accept it with joy and appreciate it with the content of their heart.

    The power of women

    Women are falsely considered the weakest sex, but this is not the case. Indeed, men take roughness as a sign of strength, and women are not naturally in this league. By the way, they are psychically stronger than men, which makes men more or less dependent on their whims.

    Why are women stronger? In the divine kingdom, there is almost no separation between male and female species before reaching the beginning of the creation. The twenty-four elders mentioned in the book of Bible revelations, for example, are in the last outposts of the Godhead and combine the male and female species in themselves. In symbolism, the male carries the vertical form but the female carries the horizontal form. A combination of the two, forms the same armed cross, the + sign. So a woman is a complement to a man in this regard.

    But the truth is the most delicate sign, the horizontal sign, is in fact the strongest sign. Just consider the math where the minus sign is dominant to understand my drift.

    Thus, the psychic attraction of a woman cannot be exaggerated in a man. Ideally, if a woman is pure, any nobleman will want to storm the sky to please him. But what do we have today? The earthly moral crisis today is simply because women have lost their position in the cosmos and are trying to drag the role of men with them. Any society in which its women succumb to debauchery and senseless sensuality is doomed to failure. The fall of the great empires dates back to the moral collapse of femininity, which has led men to the decline of so-called enjoyment. So instead of the men storming. the sky, they burst into hell to please the women. They forced to assert there is no death of a man which is not directly or indirectly attributable to women.

    In the current purification in progress, a surgical operation will be performed on humanity to whip women instead and cut stubborn tumors. They have already been brutalized by psychically angry men, who have used worse treatment than animals. Think of all the rapes, and bestializes that are happening in the world today. But it is still tomorrow the day of punishment. It can happen that your destructive weapon, your sexuality, brings you to your knees. In the not too distant future, the wars may have exhausted the men that the bestiality of femininity, which will tire of sodomy which begins to face the crisis at the height of its audacity, will fight with the remaining men. These in turn will reduce them to the objects of indescribable brutality.

    But after the thunder and the rain, after the great purification, observe the purity of the women. Therefore, the nobility of the people will be determined by the nobility of their women.

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