It’s almost wedding season … what should you wear?


    With the wedding season just a few weeks away, I thought it was a good time to give some tips and suggestions to help you put on some great outfits for these happy celebrations. As always in fashion, age is a deciding factor in deciding what to wear … but you might be surprised how low this consideration is.

    The first CONSIDERATION: Dress code or without a dress code.

    There are six dress codes that a couple could choose to have for their wedding guests. To understand each of them, I use the information found in early morning website invitations.

    Dress codes: what to wear.

    1. Informal: Casual clothes adapted to the season

    2. Cocktail dress / Semi-formal / Casual elegant — Cocktail dress.

    3. Themed clothing: determined by the couple (see Vintage n.5 below)

    4. Formal suit / black tie optional: long dress on the floor or evening pantsuit.

    5. Black tie — formal suit.

    6. White tie — full evening dress.

    If there is a dress code that restricts the options, but there is still room for a lot of imagination! If there is no dress code, you can proceed to the next exam.

    SECOND CONSIDERATION: theme or style of marriage.

    There are many themes/styles, but I will mention the eight most common. Understanding the theme/style can help you decide what to wear if the invitation does not have a dress code.

    Theme / Style (classified from most formal to the most informal): advice on what to wear.

    1. Classic or traditional — Long cocktail dress.

    2. Contemporary or elegant: cocktail dress or wide-legged costume.

    3. Romantic or backyard/vineyard: cocktail dress or wide-legged costume.

    4. Inspired by the industrial sector: the above.

    5. Vintage — Based at the time chosen by the couple.

    6. Rustic or rustic: summer dresses, long dresses or casual jeans, and lace bodice.

    7. Beach: summer dresses, full-length casual dresses, sarong swimsuit

    Your possibilities are endless — use these tips to unleash your creativity.

    THIRD CONSIDERATION: time of day.

    A general rule of thumb is that clothes get a little more formal as the day progresses.

    Now you can fine-tune it even more and start really thinking about the details of the clothes and start collecting accessory ideas.

    CONSIDERATION FOUR: Adaptation to Adverse Weather Conditions.

    Whichever dress you choose, make sure you have a second option ready in case the weather gets dirty or you get a shot or a shawl … even a fancy umbrella to help you resist the test of time!

    FIFTH CONSIDERATION: What are the colors of the wedding?

    If you know the colors chosen by the couple for their wedding, you can choose to wear something that suits them. In general, you don’t want to match colors exactly if you aren’t, ‘t part of the wedding party. However, something a few shades lighter or darker than one of the colors or a simple pattern containing one or more colors are good choices.

    SIXTH CONSIDERATION: What are you looking for better?

    It’s a little tricky because even if you want to be at your best, you never have to represent the bride or the bridesmaids. It’s a bridal day to shine and her bridesmaids with her, so think about what is best for you and then change it. This could mean that instead of wearing a very short body con dress with high heels, you can choose a fitted dress just above . the knee-length dress and any heel OR a slightly softer fitted dress that is short with the high-heeled killer. Another example would be to wear a body with low shoulders that you could wear with a slightly higher neckline with a cutback. The changes are endless …

    DO NOT skip this consideration. This will keep you from being what everyone chatted behind your back during the wedding and for weeks.


    It is not a good thing for my younger readers and a bad thing for the older ones. Again, these are changes. You want to be elegant and suitable for your age. Those of you who are younger have more options, although I would warn ALL, regardless of age, to study alone in a three-way mirror while standing, sitting, walking, and bowing. The word modest means to show grace to the viewer and that should be your goal when attending a wedding. You don, ‘t want to be a distraction for any other guest or someone at the wedding party. Those of us who are older have to spend even more time thinking about and studying what we look like in a dress … no matter how impressive it can be on the hook or the mannequin. As we get older, we can lose sight (or sometimes choose to lose sight) of how our clothes look from different angles and at different body positions. Do not show pity on an outfit that does not look better in all corners, and in all body positions. Don’t wear something you’ll regret later. Always make mistakes next to the most classic pieces.

    A good rule of thumb for those of us who are old enough to be parents of couples:

    Combine classic pieces with one or two fashion pieces

    EIGHTH CONSIDERATION: your accessories

    Accessories transform clothes/clothes into clothes. Never underestimate the power of accessories. Here are some things to help you make good decisions.

    1. Weddings are not the best place to wear oversized jewelry or brightly colored jewelry.

    At. Choose more moderate earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

    Yes. The pieces mainly in colored metal and the shiny pieces are the best.

    2. Make your jewelry, or shoes/bag/belts/outerwear the primary focus … not all the above.

    3. Choose comfortable shoes for walking and dancing for hours. Or bring another comfortable pair to dance that complements your clothes and is in great shape.

    My husband and I have two weddings to attend this summer. One is a rustic wedding and the other traditional, so, I can choose two very different dresses of different colors with different accessories … some of which I already have in my wardrobe and others that I will have to buy. I’m already gathering ideas for what I’m going to use these two days based on everything I’ve written here.

    So, I leave you now with your creative juices. ENJOY!

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