For women: daily motivation: how to be more active on a daily basis


    Do you have trouble getting out of bed now there is a blockage in almost everyone? There is a positive side to the current situation. Motivate yourself to work all day to be more active and enjoy life at home. This article shows how.

    Here are some tips to help you get through the day:

    -In the morning, make your bed.

    -So wash and meditate or pray. Pray for your family, your city, your country, and your world.
    -Recite sacred verses from the Holy Book relevant to the present situation to feel peace in the heart.

    -Then look at your inbox. Answer one or two or continue. Manage an email account only to receive positive and optimistic self-help content.
    -Access the content of social networks. Like all the catchy messages you know and post your ideas, so that, others are attracted to your message.
    -Have breakfast. Bread and jam, and a glass of orange juice are enough. But you can have your favorite options.

    -So take the time to read. I love reading Sidney Sheldon’s novels and self-help books, which worries me for two hours or more.
    -So clean up a bit. Sweep the floors and clean accordingly, making the environment spotless.

    -Water your plants in ponds or gardens and soak up the sun.
    -To do the laundry.
    -Clean the surfaces of tables, chairs, mirrors, sinks, furniture, washing machines, and any surface you can find. Get rid of all the germs this way.
    -If you have children, and a husband, share them with breakfast.
    -Have your husband play with your children for a while you start cooking for them.

    -Share a delicious and delicious homemade lunch with the family.
    -Ask your husband to finish cleaning the table and dishes while putting the kids to bed for a nap.

    -You and your husband can watch an adult movie while your children are sleeping.
    -Start making sandwiches in the late afternoon, like French toast, cereal, chips, etc. What your children would like to wake up to.
    -Read children’s storybooks and play with paper and clay objects.
    -Sit down with your school lessons and teach at home.
    -Let them draw and color on sheets of paper and keep them busy while you and your husband work from home.
    -Prepare dinner with your husband’s hand and sit back, and enjoy the dishes. Clean the dishes and ask my husband to read bedtime stories to his children, gradually putting them to sleep.
    -So, it was a productive day on your way, staying at home. Take the time to take care of it before bed.

    In summary, the tips above show how you can motivate yourself to be more active and productive during the day, rather than lazily lying in bed, without taking any responsibility. You must also be an example for your family, your neighborhood, and the community so that together we can overcome the murderous situation of the present day.

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