Handy Cooking Tips


Here are a couple of tips that will make your life within the kitchen a touch easier.

Bacon Drippings. Save the fat left within the pan after cooking the breakfast bacon. Later you’ll melt it too mix with breadcrumbs when topping casseroles or creamed vegetable dishes. Use it to fry the meat in casseroles or cook mushrooms. It also adds flavor to stuffing for poultry and other meats.

Baking Blind. “Baking blind” may be a term used when baking unfilled pastry cakes. What you are doing is place a bit of grease-proof (not waxed) paper into the pastry case and fill it with dried peas, beans, or rice. This prevents the pastry from rising or collapsing down the edges during cooking. Remove the paper after 10 minutes of cooking and permit the bottom to brown.

Boiling Eggs. When boiling eggs, bring water to the boil, lower eggs gently into the boiling water on a spoon. Stir very gently with a wooden spoon for less than the primary minute, this ensures the yolks are going to be within the center. once they are cooked drop them into cold water to chill quickly. This prevents a dark ring from forming around the yolk.

Breadcrumbs. Don’t throw away the stale ends of bread. Make them into bread crumbs, wrap well in the film, and store within the freezer. They thaw during a very short time and make an excellent coating for fried foods.

Cake Frosting. If you would like a smooth even finish to the frosting on cakes and cookies, particularly with butter icing, a hot knife will do the trick. Dip it into boiling water or under the recent tap. make certain to wipe it dry or the water will make the icing streaky.

Cake Making. When making cakes, you get the simplest results if all the ingredients are at temperature. If you’ve got forgotten to require the butter out of the refrigerator, cut it in small pieces and place during a warmed bowl “But don’t let it melt” and it’ll be able to cream in only a couple of minutes.

Cake Tins. For cakes that are difficult to show out or extract from the tin, stand the tin on a humid cloth for a couple of minutes. This creates steam between the cake and therefore the tin and helps to loosen it.

Celery Tops. what percentage o cooks discard the leaves of celery? If you are doing, you’re wasting a number of the simplest flavor of the vegetable. These green tapas will say casseroles, stews, soups, steamed chicken, or grilled meat. Chop them and increase the croquettes, instead of or even in the form of chopped parsley.

Cheese. Don’t throw away those last odds and ends of cheese which will become dry. Keep them during a screw-topped jar within the refrigerator and use to grate once you need a touch to top a casserole, increase an omelet, or flavor a sauce. Cheese grates more easily when taken directly from the refrigerator.

Chocolate. Always use good quality bitter chocolate or plain bittersweet chocolate for cooking (not milk chocolate). Never melt it over direct heat. Chop coarsely and place on a plate or in a bowl and place over a pan of barely simmering water, stir gently with a spatula until just melted. an excessive amount of heat and therefore the chocolate will become granular.

Citrus rind. When a recipe requires only the juice of orange or lemon, always grate the rind from the fruit first. Store the grated rind within the freezer for those times once you need only a grated rind. this manner you’ll save by using one, not two.

Cook Books. Keep your cookbooks clean. Always keep a transparent bag inside any cookbook you’re taking into the kitchen. Open the book to the recipe page and slip it into the bag. It not only keeps the book free from spatters but holds it open on the right page.

Crispy Croutons. Croutons add crisp contrast in texture and flavor to tossed green salads. Make your own, cut day-old bread into cubes and shallow fry them in oil with crushed garlic added, (mixed herb stock cubes are a simple substitute). Remove from pan when just golden, the color will become darker on standing. Drain on absorbent paper and increase salad just before serving.

Dried Fruits. The next time you’re cooking dried apricots or prunes for dessert, don’t just use water.you’ll add any leftover syrup from canned fruits, or add a touch orange or juice . all of them add extra flavor

Egg Whites. When beating egg whites for meringues, the eggs must be at temperature before starting, a warmed bowl helps beat them more quickly. The bowl and beaters must even be free from grease and water, and a pinch of cream of tartar added gives them more “body” for a meringue that holds its shape well.

Flour. If you run out of self-rising flour, don’t be concerned, you’ll use flour and leaven instead. to every one cup (125 gram) of flour, add two level teaspoons of leaven. If you are doing not have leaven, sift one level teaspoon of cream of tartar and a half level teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda with each cup of flour.

Hamburgers. When handling minced meat mixtures for hamburgers, meatballs, sausage mince patties, or meat loaves, always have your hands damp. The meat mixture won’t stick, this makes the work easier and quicker.

Herbs. Using herbs adds a true gourmet touch to cooking, but add them carefully as an excessive amount of can spoils the flavor of the dish. Therefore, when substituting dried herbs for fresh ones, use approximately half the stated quantity within the recipe, because dried herbs are more concentrated than fresh ones.


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